"Teaching the Mind, Reaching the Heart"

Baytown Christian Academy is a Christian learning community that exists to challenge students to know Jesus Christ, to love others as themselves, and to pursue truth, beauty, and goodness in order that they may serve God and others through humility, obedience, character, and leadership.

BCA Goals


The goals of Baytown Christian Academy are:

  • To provide grades K3 through 12 with a Christian education of scholastic excellence, integrated in the Word of God so as to foster Christian living.
  • To provide instruction in the Word of God, depending upon the re-generating work of Jesus Christ to produce in each child, through the Holy Spirit a redeemed personality capable of developing into spiritual maturity.
  • To maintain a Christian curriculum that is up-to-date, meeting a high standard of academic excellence.
  • To secure consecrated Christian teachers who would be in a position not only to give instruction in the fundamental knowledge and skills, but to give Christian guidance to the development of the child’s personality and the molding of his/her character.
  • To offer its students a rich humanities curriculum which integrates the study of literature and the arts with the studyof history and geography.  They learn to think critically and Biblically by evaluating the writings of outstanding thinkers of the past and present.
  • To offer a mathematics of science program that enables them to participate knowledgeably in the scientific discussion of the modern world.