Christian Education Philosophy 


      Foundational Principles

1. Christian education is education in the liberal arts in that it draws on the rich heritage of Western civilization and culture.  It is Christian in that it recognizes the Bible as the final authority in matters of life and thoughts. 
2. Christian education is distinctively Biblical.  God’s Word is the foundation Word of all history.  God’s Word is pure wisdom and truth and the only infallible rule of faith and life.  We believe that students must know their Bible thoroughly in order to foster a distinctively Christian understanding of the world and life. 
3. Christian education is an orthodox education.  All truth finds its unity in the Triune God Himself.  Thus, Christian education is interdisciplinary because all disciplines find their unity in God.
4. Christian education is evangelical education.  Salvation comes by grace through faith.  Salvation is not attained through education because knowledge is not power.  Instead, all power belongs to God.  Biblical salvation is knowing God and Jesus Christ whom He sent.
5. Christian education is reverent education.  Christian education is education in the fear of the Lord.  God is acknowledged as Creator and Redeemer.
6. Christian education is foundational in the sense that it lays a foundation for glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.
7. Christian education is humbling.  The goal of Christian education is to bring students to a clear understanding of how much there is to know while giving them a hunger and thirst for knowledge and righteousness.  Students are called to master the grace of humility.

Educational Principles

1.  Baytown Christian Academy promotes high academic standards while helping the students to achieve skills in creative and critical thinking, using the best-integrated curriculum available.  The objective of our instructional program is to enable the student to pursue the post-secondary education of his/her choosing, whether in college, university, or in vocational training areas.
 2. Baytown Christian Academy provides a learning environment characterized by a wholesome setting.  Students are expected to be respectful, attentive, put forth substantial effort, conform to reasonable rules, and behave in such a way that will enhance their own individual learning as well as the learning of others.
 3. Baytown Christian Academy encourages each student to understand and appreciate the democratic values of our state and nation.
 4. Baytown Christian Academy employs faculty and staff who serve as role models in their Christian walk and who are maturing in both their professional life and Christian faith.
 5. Baytown Christian Academy’s staff has a loving concern for every student.  Caring adults are always available to work with the individual student and the student’s family in resolving difficulties.
 6. Baytown Christian Academy encourages the home, the church, and the school to compliment each other, challenging excellence to the glory of God.
 7. Baytown Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, or national and ethnic origin in providing educational services.