7th Grader Ali Del-Rosario is Honored by Duke's Talent Identification Program

BCA 7th grader Ali Del-Rosario has qualified for one of the highest academic honors a junior high student can attain, Duke University's TIP, or Talent Identification Program. She will receive a medal at a state ceremony in May for her exceptional achievement. Duke invites only the top 5% of 7th grade students to take the ACT and SAT.

To qualify for TIP, Ali and other students asked to participate had to score in at least the 50th national percentile rank for college bound seniors taking these same tests. Having met the scores required to qualify, the program will allow Ali to take university classes through their Center for Summer Studies, specifically designed to "motivate and challenge academically talented students." Ali's scores also qualified her to participate in eStudies, which allows students to take advanced high school and college-level courses online with other TIP students.

Congratulations to Ali! BCA is very proud of you!