Our students leave BCA well-prepared to pursue their college and career goals

At BCA, we strive to provide each child with a rich and challenging educational experience which will allow them to develop spiritually and academically. 

Dual Credit

At the high school level, we offer dual-credit college classes (English, Philosophy, and Ethics) in conjunction with Lee College for our sophomores, junior and seniors. Currently, 52% of the students in these grades are enrolled at least one dual credit class. Most students at BCA graduate with between 6-21 college hours.

College Acceptance Rates

Our students leave BCA well prepared to pursue their college and career goals as evidenced by their awards and their success in college acceptance/enrollment:

BCA College Acceptance Rates

Class of 2016


25 of 26 seniors

Class of 2017


21 of 21 seniors

Class of 2018


8 of 8 seniors


2016 National Merit Scholar

Mason Woods was our first National Merit Scholar, which is one of the most prestigious academic high school competitions in the United States.  National Merit Scholars are the top 7,500 qualifying students nationwide out of approximately 1.6 million seniors -they represent less than 0.5% (half of a percent) of high school seniors in the United States. Mason was selected based on his skills, accomplishments, and potential for success in rigorous college studies- congratulations to Mason and his family for this great accomplishment!

Top Graduates

The top BCA graduates from last three years are currently enrolled at the following prestigious universities:

Cornell University (Ivy League)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) (ACC)
Texas A&M University 
University of Texas
Baylor University
Washington University at St. Louis 
Southwestern University
University of Houston

Let me know if you have question or when you need assistance concerning your child’s future!

Dr. Gary Holmes
BCA College Liaison