PK 4 and K5 Bulldog Connect

04/19/2018 6:00 PM - 04/20/2018 7:30 PM

cafeteria map

Mrs. Welch and I will meet with these parents to discuss what to expect when PK4 moves to K5 and K5 moves to 1st grade. -::~:~::~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~::~:~::- Please do not edit this section of the description. This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join: -::~:~::~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~::~:~::-